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Indonesian Institute of Management (IIM)

IIM was founded by Susanto Onie, MCom., M. Quality Management (Australia), a long time senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the local and global banking, and financial services industry. He led several of Indonesian financial institutions operational turn around, mergers and acquisitions and initially held senior executive position at UOB as Executive Director of Channels, in Bank Danamon as Chief Credit Officer, Westpac Banking Corporation Indonesia as Head of Corporate Banking and Financial Institution, and the Chase Manhattan Bank (prior to JP Morgan Ins Head of Corporate Banking Team and Marketing Director of Chase Leasing/Finance). Susanto is also a Fellow at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and Senior Associate at the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA)

The Indonesian Institute of Management (IIM) was established in 2005 and officially launched in 2006 by top Indonesian leading executives from financial, management and leadership background in various sectors. IIM is dedicated to promote competitive advantages of Indonesian organizations by means of sharing experiences in management learning, knowledge and skills. IIM will also be able to provide your executives and organization the acces to leading speakers, lecturers and thought leaders in the field of management, leadership, innovation and banking training locally and internationally


Consulting and Customized Training

A growing number of organizations are looking to our consulting and customized training program for a fresh perspective and creative solutions to train a small team or their whole organization. Whichever businessor industry an institution operates in, IIM has consultants with the expert knowledge and experiences who will understand and assist your organization with your needs. Participants of our programs typically come from Southeast Asia and Australia allowing for a collaborative environment that will encourage sharing and faster learning.


In-house and Customized Learning and Development

Whether your development needs include training for an individual, a team, or the whole organization, IIM will be able to tailor the need in-house or with a customized learning program to suit. Similarly, if the performance issue is a small isolated systems problem or a major structural review and strategic challenge, we can also help you work through them with the most appropriate solution. The in-house consulting and customized team, which is made up of the best available talent from both IIM and its regional and global partners provide another view point or alternative that has the benefit of collaborating with a group of people from your organization to work through and implement the most optimum solutions.


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